RahXephon: Seventh Impact

Welcome back to the LHC podcast!
Firstly we have to apologies, due to technical issues we lost a small part of the recording in the middle and the audio from Huw's side resulting in reduced quality audio, the episode is still perfectly listenable and we hope you enjoy it.
For this episode we discover that everyone has a secret past, even you (especially you!), there is also some talk of RahXephon episodes 13 and 14!
You can find the RahXephon wiki here: http://rahxephon.wikia.com/wiki/The_RahXephon

Nirai Kanai online

If you want to buy the series on DVD it is available on Amazon here
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Louis: @YeoPsmith
Huw: @Oglar27
Podcast: @thehlcpodcast
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