Third Cycle: Sixth Impact - Sword Art Online - Arc 2 Continued

Welcome back to the LHC podcast!


As we enter week 4 of our confinement we have been testing the doors, they seem to only open when no one has a key and sometimes they spontaneously cease to exist. In short we think they may be the most badly designed doors we have ever seen...


On further inspection the same could be said for a lot of our prison, it may be the most badly designed incarceration tool we have ever seen and we have seen the 2016 film "Escape Room"...


While we contemplate our inadequate surroundings we have decided to discuss more about the second arc of Sword Art Online!


So, regardless of if you are free or imprisoned we hope you can relax and enjoy as we discuss the finer points of SAO Arc 2 - Fairy Dance.


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